Services offered by Inside Out Nutritional Therapy are a combination of Belinda’s Pathology background and her newfound passion for Nutrition and the Mind-Body connection. As an NTP Belinda performs a comprehensive Functional Examination followed by Lingual Neuro Testing and Applied Kinesiology to identify the specific nutrients your body requires to correct any dysfunction identified in the examination.  Laboratory Testing is available for Blood, Stool, Urine, Saliva and Hair Analysis. 

Diet is essential to achieving optimal wellness.  At Inside Out NT we will work with clients on general dietary concerns and also specialised dietary needs, covering a wide range of specialised diets including Gluten/ Dairy Free, No Additives, Ketogenic, Low Fodmaps, AIP, Low Salicylate /Amine and Glutamate just to name a few.  In order to achieve your wellness goal’s it is essential to have a strong mind.  Belinda helps clients to achieve this through Theta Healing and Emotional Release sessions which assist clients in recognising limiting beliefs and deeply held blocks that sabotage their true potential to reach their goals.  At inside out nutritional therapy we combine the science of the body with the power of the mind to reach optimal wellness.


20min free discovery call

This call is obligation free and is our chance to have a chat about what concerns you have, what goals you would like to achieve with your wellness and to see if my skill set will be a good fit for you.  From here if we decide to work with each other we will arrange your Initial Consultation, paperwork and what package will suit your particular health journey.



During this consultation we will dig a little deeper into your health concerns. Prior to this appointment you will have completed a comprehensive health history questionnaire, a 3 day food journal and an online Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ). With this information we can pinpoint potential dysfunction and nutritional deficicencies contributing to how you are feeling, your signs and symptoms.  The food journal is used to assess macronutrient ratios, blood sugar regulation, potential food sensitivities etc.  Then we come up with a plan to move forward that takes into consideration where you are at and what you need to do in order to achieve your wellness goals.


50MINS (Available in person only)

This is the exciting part! Here I palpate points on the body which correspond to organs and glands.  If there is tenderness at these points then there is dysfunction.  We then use the LNT (Lingual Neural Testing) Process and Muscle Testing Techniques to see which nutrients will ease that tenderness and provide your body with support.  This process also assists me to assess where we need to start with the healing journey of the individual.


25MINS | 50MINS 

Regularly keeping in contact with us is vital to your success. We will assess as you move through your journey what is working and what is not.  If strategies or recommendations are not working as intended we need to revise and renew the plan to progress forward.  So these appointments are essential to assist you in moving forward on your health journey.  At these appointments we will review Functional Points, Food and Mood Journals, Test Results and NAQ comparisons.  You may also be given additional resources/ education materials etc to further your progress.  Follow up appointments keep you accountable and on track with the goals you wish to achieve with your health and wellness.



These sessions are designed to assist other Practitioners with difficult or complicated cases.  I will review client paperwork (with permission from your clients) including interpreting any test results to assist you in understanding physiological processes that are occurring, dysfunction and how to go about setting your client up for success.  Practitioner Support sessions are collaborative and we work together for the benefit of the client.



ER Sessions are designed to facilitate further healing for clients open to this.  For wholistic healing we must address the Mind-Body Connection. Emotions and Beliefs take up energy and space within us so when we are feeling overwhelmed, releasing and changing these can free up space for more healing to take place.  Addressing this component of your health can help you to reach your wellness goals on multiple levels.



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